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What is the project about? RB Finance is an accelerated ASC (Algorithmic Stable Coin) launched on the Arbitrum blockchain, derived from Based Finance on Fantom. We are excited to be the the first-ever Tomb Fork project, pegged to the value of the $ARB token. What makes your project unique? As dedicated Arbinauts, our mission was to bring new utility to the recently airdropped $ARB tokens. We have achieved this by introducing Genesis, a platform where users can farm $RB tokens using their $ARB. RB Finance is also the premiere Tomb Fork pegged to $ARB, offering added utility to Camelot Dex by providing liquidity on it and featuring and its $Grail as a genesis token. History of your project. Our team comprises five experienced professionals in the crypto and DeFi space, actively participating in various protocols on Polygon, BSC, and Ftm. We are embarking on our first project on the Arbitrum blockchain, eager to contribute further to the community. What’s next for your project? One common issue with various Tomb Forks is their short lifespan due to the limited utility of peg tokens. Our goal is to extend the value of our RB token by incorporating it into new protocols, thereby enhancing the overall ecosystem. What can your token be used for? RB Finance offers Liquidity Providers the opportunity to earn RBX, which serves as both a share token and governance token for our platform. Users can stake RBX in our Boardroom to earn additional RB with each epoch. Moreover, we are actively exploring proposals for expanding the token's utility.
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