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Imagine a new blockchain designed with memecoins at the center of development. An ETH fork which will support Proof Of Work mining. A strong community of degen memecoin traders who are all working to build the ultimate ecosystem for meme based cryptocurrencies! Ethereum was never designed with meme projects in mind. With the ETH POW merge, Ethereum is no longer able to be mined, leaving a massive market opportunity for a new blockchain ecosystem with these features. The Proof Of Memes blockchain is that ecosystem. Enter the “The King Of Forks” we are calling “ETH2.0” also known as Proof of Memes. Much like yourself, we are degens at heart. We are allowing GPU and CPU mining of the Proof of Memes token on the new forked blockchain. POM will fork to the version of ETH prior to EIP-1599, the most mining friendly iteration of Ethereum. Miners who can be verified as using green energy will earn a mining bonus for mining ETH2.0 on the Proof Of Memes blockchain. The meme projects which launch on the POM blockchain will have several advantages including a set of custom developed tools, discounts for working with established memecoin influencers, brands and developers, and a strong community of memecoin fans (and buyers).
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