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The Nolus Protocol defines a money market between lenders looking to earn real yield on deposited stablecoins and borrowers looking to amplify holdings with more assets than their current equity. The protocol is designed to work on a cash-basis model where accrued interest from DeFi leases is distributed to lenders. Interest from leases is due for collection after specific periods and, if not paid, is automatically deducted from the active positions. The protocol utilizes a semi-permissioned PoS blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and a WASM smart contract engine focusing on interoperability, security, and performance. Interoperability is at the core of Nolus' offering as the protocol utilizes IBC and Interchain Accounts to tap into a diverse set of liquidity hubs without creating liquidity fragmentation across chains. The Nolus DeFi Lease unlocks the full potential of crypto money markets by reducing the industry's steep over-collateralization requirements, resulting in significantly improved capital efficiency and more favourable lending options for users. The Nolus DeFi Lease provides up to 150% financing on the initial investment with a lowered margin call risk and access to the underlying leveraged assets through whitelisted yield-bearing strategies. In the coming months, the Nolus protocol will scale its offering to support blockchains beyond the Cosmos ecosystem and introduce tiered rewards mechanics to further incentivize participants in the ecosystem.
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