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"Unbanking shipping. Nexum platform is a fintech platform built to securely and efficiently provide funding to traders in the shipping and oil industry. NEXM is a utility token that traders and other maritime ecosystem participants must use to receive funding and obtain access to services offered by the platform. Nexum incentivizes the adoption of blockchain technology and crypto payments by the maritime ecosystem members. Shipping is a fragmented and opaque industry that naturally lends itself to crypto applications. Its multijurisdictional and multicurrency nature provides a fertile environment for token utilization that will make cross-border payments and remittances quick and efficient. Our vision is Nexum Token to form the backbone of tokenization in shipping transactions. We aim by using blockchain technology and big data clusters to derive performance and credit-risk-related assessments on a per vessel/ship-manager basis. Our data-driven approach will also allow us to analyze and predict trade flows and world economic activity on a macro level."
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