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HOO(Hoo Token) is the native token of the whole ecosystem of Hoo Exchange, ticker HOO, which is a decentralized blockchain digital assets based on Ethereum. HOO (Hoo Token) has a total supply of 1 billion, of which 100 million will be produced through the HooPool mining pool, including airdrop, liquidity mining, lossless mining, trading, etc. HooPool, as a supporting component of HooSwap, it will support the market-making "USDT-HOO LP" produced by HooSwap for mining, thereby helping to improve the liquidity of HooSwap, and enhance the user experience. HOO, as the native token of HooSwap ecosystem, will be applied to several scenarios, such as using HOO to offset the trading fees with a discount of up to 50%. A certain percentage of 20% of the platform transaction fee revenue will be used to buy back HOO and burn them regularly. Large amount holders of HOO can participate in the platform's super node program and enjoy the corresponding benefits and power while growing with the platform. In the future, the native token rights will correspond to the platform VIP rights, and the holders of HOO will enjoy the VIP benefits of the platform's whole ecological products and other scenarios.
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