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DeSo is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media for billions of users. We believe in empowering an internet that’s creator-led, user-owned, and open to millions of developers around the world to build off one another. Today, there’s only a handful of big-tech companies that own and control all the information we consume online. DeSo puts the ownership back in the hands of users, not platforms. Your identity, your profile, your content, and your social graph can now be owned by you in a completely censorship-resistant way. Creators can now freely monetize in a way they could never do before. With new crypto-native monetization tools, like Social Tokens, Social DAOs, Social NFTs, Social Tipping, and more — creators have access to monetize their passion and make a living by doing what they love. Developers can build in a gasless, permissionless, and transparent environment where everything is open and on-chain for ultimate accessibility and composability. DeSo is built to support storage-heavy or infinite-state applications, opening up a new world of non-financial-based web3 apps that weren’t possible before. We can now imagine, build and experience the next generation of web3 social. In the same way, we’ve seen Bitcoin and Ethereum decentralize finance, DeSo is now enabling this for social. We know our mission is colossal, but we believe the world will be better when users, creators, and developers are put first - not corporations. It’s time to break free.
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