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What kind of games THE BORN TO RACE will be like? Born to race is a planned game inspired by street racers. It can be played online by multiple players, it contains factors such as luck, talent and how you prepare your car for the race. There will be two ways in this game. The first way will be as the following; Each player will have his own account, where he can share information about himself if he prefers. In addition, it can track how many cars he has, his spending on his cars, and his earnings.In this game you buy a car. The segments of cars will be increased as the game developing, so imagine buying a car from the rst segment. The engine, transmission, exterior appearance, accessories of your car are made in your garage as you wish. If you wish, you can sell the car you have designed to other players in the market section that will be opened. A small market system will also be included in the game. After designed your car, tournaments will begin to be held by game developers. Players who meet the tournament requirements will be able to enter their cars into these tournaments. For example, 200 players participated in the tournament. First, the players are divided into 20 groups according to random selections. A race is held for these 20 groups, and the players who enter the top three in the races will be moved to the next rounds. 60 players are divided into 6 groups. From here, the players who enter the top three go to the next round. Just because the player's car is good at racing doesn't mean he's going to win the race. He could crash and be out of the race. Or his tire might blow out. The remaining 18 players are also divided into 2 groups, and the top three players remain in the nal round. The players who comes first in the final round wins the big dollars prize. The second and the third player also win dollar prizes. The value of the cars that placed the top three in the final also increase. Besides these, there will be special design cars in the game. There are only one of these special designed cars. In order to have these special design cars , it is mandatory to own the NFT Token belonging to this cars. In another racing variant, the players buy and modify their cars. But as an extra in these races, weapon and defense-based modications are also made to their cars. There will be various buttons on the floor during the races. These buttons are set to light up randomly automatically before the races. These buttons have attack or defense symbols on them. If the players pass over the burning attack symbol button, the weapon equipment in his car will be activated for 4 seconds. The player tries to take the other racers' cars out of the race by damaging them with their weapons. If the racer passes through the burning defense button, the shields on his car will be activated for 4 seconds. The main thing here is to what extent the racers equip their cars with weapons and shields. Here, as in the first variant of the racing system, tournaments are held. The same qualifying procedure and prize system will be applied here as well. BRT Token is a token that players will use as a payment tool when modifying their cars in the Born To Race game.
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