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Bezoge Earth

7.69 %
Change 24h
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Market Cap
£ 14,868,989
Volume 24h
£ 7348.9
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
BEZOGE is developed to follow the footsteps of some of the best performing experimental coins and amalgmate their fetures into one coin. BEZOGE is a fair and deflationary token built on the ERC-20 network ensuring a wide community to be part of the Bezoge Earth ecosystem. BEZOGE has plans to develop a mobile game based on the Bezoge Earth world and also an NFT marketplace to trade exclusive BEZOGE NFTs. With wide awareness of the original Meme tokens, BEZOGE is planning to not only follow but exceed the current path of all other memes, for eg, to be listed in major exchanges and to be exposed to majority of crypto followers, whilst having future plans to connect with other tokens.
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